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Pets Dog Friendly Vaction Rental - Moosehead Lodge, Brrokins, Oregon

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Moosehead Lodge

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Going To The Beach

When you stay at the Moosehead Lodge Vacation rental, you are close to many great beaches that are perfect for scenic beach walking, tide pooling, kite flying, surf fishing and more.

Small recreation driftwood fires are permitted on Oregon beaches and away from driftwood piles and grass. However no beach fires are permitted in California. Do not leave fires unattended; extinguish using sea water before leaving area. One is also permitted in Oregon to collect small driftwood pieces for personal use or souvenirs.  

Be and keep aware of high (12 feet) "sneeker" waves. 

Below are directions to the closest beaches.


Winchuck River Estuary & Beach Access

You can access the Winchuck River and ocean by several methods. Winchuck Beach offers 5 miles of scenic and uncrowded beach walking north along the Pacific Ocean. A high tide can make you wade through the ocean waves or Winchuck River water on the beach sands.

Wollam Street Access: We have deeded access for Beach Area on the North side of the Winchuck River off of Wollam Lane (County Road 892) at Lowden's Beachfront B&B. It is about a three block walk to the beach. A footpath trail leads to steep steps (or a slope after winter Winchuck River flows have cut into the north bank). There can also be an over supply of small and very large drift wood on the sand banks which blocks the Winchuck River and tidal ocean flows.  

State Park Access: Beach access is also available by walking about two blocks through the day use Oregon State Park using Itzen Street and No Name Street. It is best to first walk from Park Road entrance - which is marked by several large boulders - through the trees to the Moosehead - the trail is not easily seen from the north (Moosehead) side.

US 101 Side of Road Access: The Beach south of the Winchuck River Estuary can be accessed from the South side of the Winchuck River Bridge - park on narrow shoulder alongside US 101; follow trail(s).  

Crissy Field Access: The Crissy Field Oregon State Welcome Center provides parking, information and access to the Oregon Beach south of the Winchuck River which becomes Pelican State Beach. It offers a one mile sandy beach walk. They have handicap access to the Center and nature area, but not for the beach. 


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McVay Rock Access: Drive, walk or hike about two miles North from Moosehead Lodge on Oceanview Drive (County Highway 872) to McVay Rock State Recreation Site. This site provides vehicle parking, ocean views and spectacular sunsets. Beach access is down a cliff side trail (~ 50 feet) onto the less populated Winchuck River North Beach. It is a beautiful, ever changing beach with: two intermittent fresh water streams meeting ocean waters, sand, colored sea gravel, small and large repeating waves over sea rocks, tide pools, seashore life, and seashells. One can also walk or explore about a mile North along the cliff shore toward Brookings Harbor.


California Beach Access

If you want more beach access, you can drive 2 miles south to California.

California Pelican State Beach: The first road on the right side of US 101 South of the California Inspection Station leads one northward onto the undeveloped Pelican State Beach. Note: Road also takes one into parking lot for the Nautical Inn (Bar, French Restaurant with ocean view seating and Motel). All beach rules are for California - dogs on leash, no fires etc. One can park a vehicle when uncrowded and walk down a short trail onto the beach grass (~50 feet) and the beach sands are another 100 feet. There is also driftwood on this beach. 


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3D Beach Map

The Winchuck Estuary, where the Winchuck River meets the Pacific Ocean, is a great place to beach comb and pick up driftwood and river-washed rocks. Below is a annotated map that gives you a 3D view of the Winchuck River Area. You can walk from the Winchuck River north to McVay Rock State Recreation Site.


Winchuck River Area Map (Estuary & Brookings, OR Beaches)


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